Last Week of the Month

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Last week of the month is a great time for Listing your Property!  Buyers are always looking for properties and trying to find their real estate deal.  This year 2016 has been a great time for sellers.  We have seen values go up while financing options have been favorable for buyers.  This combination has fueled […]

Heat Wave Summer 2016 Carolina

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Heat wave summer 2016 Carolina is happening right now!  Its hot outside to here are a few tips to keep cool during your real estate transaction. Have Great Communication with your Agent Follow up with E-mail and Messages ASAP Check dates to make sure All Parties will be available and not at the beach Contact […]

Help me sell my house in Mecklenburg

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Help me Sell my house in Mecklenburg is a common statement we hear from clients.  They often need assistance so they are able to complete their real estate transaction.  Mecklenburg is surrounded by other counties including Cabarrus, Iredell, Gaston, and South Carolina.  Buyers usually are looking for specific areas within these counties depending on their […]

Digital Signatures

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Digital Signatures are the easiest and most convenient way to complete your paperwork.  You can be at your home office, or on the beach and still be able to complete your signatures without missing a beat.   Ziplogix provides the service using their Digital Ink platform.  Each signer provides their email and is able to […]

Selling a Home in July

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Selling a home in July is possible with assistance from our Great Listing Agents.   Let us take the heat off you and help find results.  The amount of buyers looking at properties during the summer months is less than during the school year.  Its important to make sure your listing is standing out and […]

Slowly Coming back Online

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Thanks for hanging in there, our site was having some major issues and needed a total overhaul.  We wiped everything and started over.  Soon you will have the search functions and everything else you have come to enjoy from English Realty Limited. Past clients should contact us immediately if you require copies of old paperwork […]