Selling a Home in July

Selling a home in July is possible with assistance from our Great Listing Agents.   Let us take the heat off you and help find results.  The amount of buyers looking at properties during the summer months is less than during the school year.  Its important to make sure your listing is standing out and capturing the attention of prospective buyers.


We make sure to use High Definition Pictures shot in RAW format to ensure we are showing the buyers ALL the information.  All of our full service listings include an Enhanced Picture Package, which has over 100 pictures, a virtual tour, social media and online marketing.

Our Brokers will spend time with you and the property to make sure we can show buyers the best view, the most information and the clearest pictures.  Our Data Analysts will provide you with ALL the information needed to determine value.  Our clients appreciate all these tools we provide which puts More money in their pockets, faster than others.  summerhome


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