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  • New Agents & Provisional Brokers
  • Seasoned Brokers Seeking Next Level
  • Hourly Assistants & Support Team
  • Part Time or Full Time with Flexible Hours
  • 1-on-1 Coaching and Learning


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New Provisional Brokers


Just receive your license?  Congratulations on passing your exam and taking the first real step towards becoming a Real Estate Professional.  passedexamChoosing a firm to hang your license is an important step in your careers.  The right Broker-In-Charge WILL make ALL the difference for your start.  Think back to your education, sports teams or social situations and you will remember that You did your Best work when paired with the RIGHT teacher, coach or mentor.  Most likely you can think of a situation when you DIDN’T have the right teacher, coach or mentor and your performance/experience was probably not the BEST one you had.

The same is true for Real Estate!  Having a BIC that will take time with you to teach you the process and prepare you for the tasks at hand will give you the confidence to succeed.  Don’t become a statistic and fail out of the business in your first year!!  Join our Firm and learn the skills that will prepare you for a career in Real Estate.


Brokers/High Volume Brokers

You have the skills to pay the bills! Why continue working for big franchise names that charge high fees.

We offer competitive fee structures that will make you look twice!  Let our Transaction Coordinators and Assistants help you close more transactions with less effort.  With a support team to prepare your documents, listing presentations and transaction management you can focus on what you do best, making it rain!





Flexible Hours

workingparentReal Estate is a GREAT career for working parents juggling children, home and social lives.
English Realty Limited hires Part Time agents and will give you training to meet your schedule.  Start Part Time to get your feet wet and some momentum in your business.  Switch to Full Time as your schedule allows.  Become a Part Time agent while continuing your regular job.  Take your 30 Hour classes when you can schedule/afford them, no requirements to take all 3 your first year!


1-On-1 Coaching and Training

coachingDon’t sit in a class of 15-20 people trying to learn skills that will help you close deals with commissions over $10,000!  Weekly training and accountability to make sure you are reaching your goals as a Real Estate Associate.  Whether your goal is to make an extra $20,000 or over $200,000 in commission, our Broker In Charge will sit down with you to create a road map to realize your end results.